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Medicare Fraud

As of October 2021, there were 64 million people enrolled in Medicare. A large majority of agents who assist Medicare beneficiaries are upstanding, ethical people. But Medicare is no different than any other industry. Where there is opportunity, there will be scam artists.

So, how are Medicare beneficiaries taken advantage of? Most scams happen over the phone. People who reach out to you by phone are known as telemarketers. Telemarketers are trained to get as much information out of you as they can, including your personal and Medicare information. They are also trained to talk fast and never take “no” for an answer. They may be offering walkers, wheelchairs, back braces, or Medicare Advantage Plans.

Here are some tips to help you avoid being scammed:

#1. First is never, never, NEVER give your Medicare or Social Security number out over the phone. If someone calls representing your insurance company, and they ask for your Medicare number, do not give it to them. If they are truly your insurance company, they will already have it.

#2. The second thing to avoid is allowing anyone, except your doctor or other provider, to review your medical records or services.

#3. Third, never join a Medicare Advantage plan or Prescription Drug plan over the phone without checking with Medicare first. The commercials you see on television are designed to entice you to call an 800 number. Once you make that call, the odds are you will be enrolled in a Medicare plan whether you wanted it or not.

#4. The most important thing to remember is Medicare will never call you unless you have called Medicare and left a message. Also, Medicare will never visit you at your home. If you suspect someone has contacted you without your consent, call 1-800-Medicare.

If you have questions regarding any aspect of Medicare or Medicare health plans, feel free call us at Alabama Health Guidance (256-648-5710), stop by our office at 885 Florence Blvd. (Four Lane Shopping Center), or email Ikey Fowler at

Alabama Health Guidance is an independent insurance agency and is not affiliated with Medicare or any other government agency.


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