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HR Professionals...

Alabama Health Guidance has licensed representatives throughout the state of Alabama readily available to help HR Professionals in every region of the state.


Our team of experts is fully prepared to assist the HR Professional in educating their employees about healthcare choices once they become eligible for Medicare.

Alabama Health Guidance can educate any employee who is Medicare eligible, or anyone aging into Medicare and still on the employer’s insurance plan about the basics of Medicare and how Medicare relates to their employer’s insurance.


Learn How Medicare Affects You and Your Employees!

Are your employees who work past age 65 asking asking questions like these?

1.  Do I have to sign up for Medicare Part B?

2.  Should I keep my employer coverage, or should I go to Medicare?

3.  Is Medicare going to be my primary or secondary coverage?

4.  Will I be penalized if I do not sign up for Medicare when I turn 65?

5.  Does Medicare offer better coverage than my employer coverage?

6.  What are the rules if I have a High Deductible Health Plan and an HRA?

Are your employees who are retiring at 65 asking asking questions like these?

1.  How long do I have to sign up for Medicare?

2.  What are the late enrollment penalties, and how do I avoid them?

3.  There are so many Medicare Insurance options, how do I know what’s right for me?

4.  Can I keep my employer coverage after I retire?

5.  How do COBRA and Medicare coordinate?

And, as such, are you as the HR Professional finding yourself asking questions like these?

1.  How do 65+ employees affect our employer insurance rates?

2.  Do my employees need to sign up for Medicare Part A and Part B?

3.  Will my employees be penalized if they don’t sign up for the parts of Medicare?

4.  Is Medicare as good as my employer group plan for my employees?

5.  What are some bad decisions that employees make when they turn 65+?

6.  Which Medicare forms do I need to properly service my employees when they leave our employer coverage?

If these questions seem all too familiar, please, let us help!

Our experts are prepared to answer the difficult questions and help your employees to make confident Medicare decisions that will best suit their needs.


We can assist you with...

  • Group Medicare Classes

  • Individual Employee Consultations

  • Medicare Support for the HR Professional

  • Medicare Plan Enrollment

Employees we can help include those...

  • Turning 65 & still employed

  • Over 65 & still employed

  • Turning 65 & retired

  • Over 65 & retiring

We can educate the employee on...

  • The basics of Medicare

  • Which parts of Medicare to sign up for and when

  • How Medicare coordinates with employer insurance

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