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Book an Appointment
with Anah Whitehead Fowler


Anah is now accepting appointments:

Monday - Friday

9:00am - 3:00pm

Please, contact Anah for assistance with all of your Medicare questions.

Thank you.

Anah looks forward to seeing you soon!

885 Florence Blvd.

(Four Lane Shopping Center)

Florence, AL 35630

(256) 648-5710

Are you getting all of the Veteran civilian benefits you are eligible for?

Contact Anah Fowler for more information.

cell:  256-810-7226     office:  256-648-5710

Ask how you can receive a
FREE Medication Bag!

Many Medicare Veteran Plans include...
  • Gym Membership
  • Dental Coverage
  • Over the Counter Items
  • Part B Premium Reduction

Adjutant Mary Day Smith & Anah Fowler at the

Lauderdale Co. American Legion Post #11.

Veterans serving Veterans.

Alabama Health Guidance is proud to serve this post.

Congratulations to Mary

for being selected as Shoals Woman of the Year!

Please, call our office at
and make an appointment to meet with Anah about the
civilian benefits you are entitled to receive.

We are located in
Four Lane Shopping Center at
885 Florence Blvd., Florence, AL 35630

Anah Whitehead Fowler

Anah has worked for over ten years as a Medicare professional. During that time, she has become well-educated in navigating the Medicare system and is excited to help take the confusion out of making Medicare decisions for individuals who are new to Medicare, as well as those who are already participating in a Medicare plan. As a senior herself, helping other seniors make Medicare decisions is like helping a dear friend or family member choose the best plan for their personal medical and prescription needs.

Anah’s special focus is on working with Veterans to make sure they receive all the Medicare benefits they so rightfully deserve. In addition, she works closely with human resource professionals to assist them in guiding their retiring employees. Anah happily shares her personal cell phone number with her members and those in need of Medicare assistance. She truly provides a personal touch.

Heather Fowler


Heather Fowler will soon be joining Anah to assist Veterans with their Medicare questions, needs and concerns.

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