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Alabama Health Guidance partners through Coastal Benefits to offer free Medicare Educational services in Mobile and surrounding areas. We specialize in Medicare Education and Medicare Health Plans. If you are New to Medicare, retiring or have questions about your existing Medicare coverage... We can help!

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Kimberly Meadows Bruner


Kimberly Meadows is a Medicare professional with over 10 years of experience at educating individuals about their Medicare options. Kimberly also helps Medicare Beneficiaries gain additional assistance when they qualify  –  such as for Extra Help on Medications (LIS), Part B Reimbursements, Full Medicaid, Food Stamps, Government phones, Meals on wheels and much more.

Kimberly opened Coastal Benefits in 2010, and now has 20 full-time Medicare experts who are available and eager to assist you. Having over two thousand clients, with incomes ranging from very low to extremely wealthy, Kimberly always gives each of her clients the time and respect they deserve. Her appointments are free of charge. Please contact Kimberly to schedule your appointment.

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1110 Montlimar Rd 290 

Mobile, AL 36608 

Class Schedule:

Private classes on Medicare are available to those who need education or assistance. We are delighted to help with ALL of your individual questions and needs.